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Treat your animals from the inside out. The Probiotic blend contains multiple strains of Probiotics in a concentrated form. It includes digestive enzymes and live yeast extracts for cattle, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, dogs and cats.
Probiotic Bacteria
Multiple strains & High strength 1.15 Billion CFU
Probiotic bacteria seed the lower GI tract, crowding out pathogens,  modulates  immune system.
Digestive Enzymes
Enzymes are the biological catalyst for feed break down, providing more efficient utilization of feed stuffs, allowing more efficient extraction of supplements, nutrients and increased energy uptake from the feed via greater enzymatic breakdown.
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
A live yeast culture that stimulates fibre digesting bacteria, crowds out bad bacteria, is a good source of B group vitamins and assists in pH control.
Horses and Cows:   50g per day
Sheep and Goats:   5g per day
Dogs:                          5g per day
Cats:                           2g per day
Poultry (per bird):  1g per day

Probiotic Blend is quite palatable and can be fed by mixing into normal feed. For dogs and cats, add to wet food.

WHEN TO FEED PROBIOTIC BLEND:NatuVet Probiotic Blend provides a naturally-occurring source of microorganisms, enzymes and live yeast to increase feed breakdown, control the gut and maintain the appropriate balance of microflora in the Gastrointestinal tract, and are especially beneficial during the following periods:
  • During incidences of scours, constipation or colic
  • At weaning and other feed changes
  • During and following antibiotic therapy and worming
  • While travelling and during periods of environmental stresses (cold, heat, shows, competitions)
  • During and following veterinary treatment including surgery
  • As part of an overall health maintenance program, especially with volatile feeds and high grain diets
  • To supplement desirable organisms in newborn animals
  • Our Probiotic Blend may be used daily in feed or in high stress situations
  • When travelling and during periods of stress
  • At weaning and other feeding changes
  • During and following antibiotic therapy
  • Whenever immune support is needed
  • As part of an overall health maintenance program
  • When digestive upsets occur

Probiotics are a proven method of modifying the gastrointestinal microbiota and prevent and treat a range of diseases.


Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that are needed in the Gastrointestinal tract for immune modulation, whereas antibiotics are used to attack and kill infections and unwanted bacteria. Antibiotics have a residual impact on the beneficial bacteria which are collateral damage.


Animals have an extremely complex collection of bacteria, some are beneficial and some are potentially pathogenic. Under challenging conditions such as stress, travelling and antibiotic therapy, the natural balance of digestive tract bacteria can be altered. Leading to digestive challenges including diarrhea, constipation and discomfort.

Probiotics helps restore microflora balance in the gut to appropriate levels, improves the overall health of the animal, stimulates the immune response and assists in feed breakdown.

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