Kids Silicone Drinking Cups – Hangable

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Sick of your kids using a different cup everytime they are thirsty?

Here is an eco friendly solution – kids silicone cups that stick ( via hook) to your fridge or freezer!

Options of orange, white, blue or purple silicone cups for kids

No more washing a sqazillion cups every night!





Kids and drink cups – what a nightmare! A new cup for every drink (or sip) and by the end of the day there are at least 5 cups per child in the kitchen or toy room..sound like your house too?

Natural Living Collection is solving this problem with the introduction of  Silicone Cups for kids hangable –   with a Hook – simply attach suction hook to your fridge or freezer, attach cup to the hook.

Voila! Your kids can help themselves to a drink using the same cup, over and over and over again!

Colours to choose from:






Height of cup and hook – 10.5 cm

Top cup – 7.4 cm

Bottom cup – 6.8 cm

The hook has 3m double sided tape on the back that attaches to tiles, walls, fridge etc. The hook has an angle that prevents the cup from falling. There are also practical for limited storage in the bathroom and can be used as a toothbrush / toothpaste holder.

Silicone is not plastic! It is made from mixing and heating glass and sand together to form a bendable, flexible material that is food safe.

Dishwasher & freezer suitable.


These are suitable for toddlers that can drink or are learning to drink from a cup up to any age children or adults, our 6 year old loves his!

Great for outside swimming pool area too…






Additional information

Colour Variations

Blue, orange, Purple, white


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