Eco Friendly Produce shopping Bag Small


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Ditch the single use plastic bags with these multi use, eco friendly produce shopping bags – perfect for your trips to the farmers market or supermarket.

Store fruit and vegetables in the drawstring bags that are washable and can be used to keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer!

Small size – perfect for singles or couples to store beans, zucchini, few items of tomatoes, apples, etc.

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Ditch plastic bags and be more sustainable  when shopping with eco friendly  produce shopping bags, perfect for shopping for fruit and veg plus more!

Stop reaching for the single use plastic bags or letting your fruit and veg roll around and get bruised in your trolley. Keep these produce shopping bags handy to whip out next time you are shopping at the farmers market or grocery store.

Once home, you can rinse all produce in the bags, or store straight into the fridge. We find tomatoes and sweet corn last a lost longer when stored in these bags.

Bags can be handwashed, if needed.

Great also for storage for kids toys, jigsaws or lego. Or to  use when travelling to seperate clothing or items. There can be a billion other practical uses for them too.


Eco Friendly Produce Shopping Bag Small is approx 30 x 21 cm

Keep them handy in the car, with your other shopping bags and reduce single use plastic consumption – also available are medium and large sizes or bundle of all 3.

medium measures approx 30 x 33 cm Re Usable Mesh Bags – Medium Size

large measures approx 30 x 41 cm Eco Friendly Produce Bags – Large


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