About us

The Natural Living Collection Story

Hi there,

Welcome to Natural Living Collection.
Behind the screen is a Mum from South West WA!
I am here as I have always had a passion for the more natural way of living, since having kids my desire has grown and expanded in different ways.

Natural Living Collection is a dream of mine that allows others to make non-complicated changes for themselves, their families and households. You can find our stock inside the MJ Goods shop – 3 Ditchingham Place, behind Bunnings Treendale plus, at market stalls in Bunbury and surrounds plus online.

We have a range of organic health products for people and pets, that are ethically sourced using certified organic ingredients made by Qenda, Living Naturally WA, Auraveda, AuraVETic and Natuvet in Australia.

Eco-friendly products that are reusable and used by all households in day to day life from the bathroom, kitchen to shopping.

Plant Therapy and Kidsafe  range of 100% pure essential oils and a range  diffusers/vaporisers.

Our focus will also be on seasonal products and our range is constantly adapting – we want to keep it exciting!

We stock a range of products that have one thing in common – they are natural or organic alternatives, we have used them with our family, we aim to provide you with affordable options that can be easily added to your day to day life.

Thank you for supporting our family business.

Jules x