Choc Turmeric Latte 500g

An excellent hot chocolate packed with all the superfoods you need to provide your body with a little lift. Unsweetened dark cocoa, cinnamon, and turmeric combined to help the body with a tiny pinch of black pepper to absorb the turmeric. It is smooth, sweet, and pleasant; a hot chocolate drink that makes you feel good.

Remedy for cough and cold

This beverage is such a pleasant and enjoyable to drink. Especially if you have it on cold days when you catch the usual tickle in the rear of your neck suggesting an oncoming cough.

While it helps in resisting inflammation and free radical damage, You will enjoy the delightful Choc Turmeric Latte drink. Also, the Choc Turmeric Latte has natural ingredients that are 100% organically certified, priced at $68.14; this is an excellent value product.

Why you should make turmeric hot chocolate:

• Healthy – turmeric includes anti-inflammatory properties.

• It’s different – but if you’re looking for healthier alternatives, you should give it a go!

Make your health drink.

Place 1 cup of virtually-boiling hot water in your blender, put one teaspoon of Choc Turmeric Latte, add coconut cream or milk and sweeten with a little honey or a zero-calorie alternative, sweeten with Monk Fruit, blend briefly, pour it in your favorite drinking cup, splash a little cinnamon on top. Relish the drink!