Benefits of Using a Wooden Handheld Massage Roller

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The Wooden Handheld Massage Roller stretches the muscle fibers, tendons, and ligaments. If you stretch the muscles while they are still warm after a workout they are less likely to get tight and shorten.


As pressure is applied and rolled forward it creates suction in the veins this helps to draw in more blood that is fresh and full of oxygen and nutrients. 

Pain Reduction

You can pinpoint knots and sore muscles with the Wooden Handheld Massage Roller. By rolling out these sore areas pain is relieved.

Sleep Improvement

Massage has been known to improve the quality and quantity of sleep a person can achieve. Relaxation is crucial for REM sleep.

Fewer Injuries

Using the Wooden Handheld Massage Roller before exercising allows the muscles to warm up and prevent injury.

Muscle Growth and Repair  Greater circulation provides more nutrients to the muscles. In order for muscles to grow or repair they need glycogen. Blood flow can be restricted post-exercise due to trigger points and tight muscles. Fresh blood provides necessary glycogen to the muscles. Try taking a nutrient-dense drink 20-30 minutes

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