All that you need to know about Pink Himalayan Salt Soap Bars

Pink Himalayan salts are from the Himalayan mountain range. Recognized for its medicinal benefits it is thought to be one of the purest salts on earth.  

What are Himalayan Salts?

Himalayan salt crystals are harvested from salt beds that were covered in lava, snow, and ice and remained that way for years. The unique pinkish hue is derived from its elements including Iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium all of which are essential minerals that the human body needs. 

Benefits of using Himalayan Salt Soap Bar 

Himalayan salt crystals contain minerals, small enough for your body and skin to absorb, providing amazing therapeutic benefits to the skin, body, and mind.


Given that salt is exceptionally hostile to bacteria, using a salt bar will cleanse the skin in a profound way, pulling toxins from the body while removing dead and dull skin cells for an incomparable glow.

Healthy Skin

Regular use of a Himalayan Crystal Salt bar will aid in increasing blood flow, firm up skin tissue and work towards soothing sore and tired muscles. Using a Himalayan Crystal Salt Bar regularly will also allow salt to be stored in the upper layer of the skin, which binds water, ensuring your skin stays moisturized and hydrated.

Control symptoms of Psoriasis and Acne Problems

Clinical studies confirm the absorption of salt minerals into the skin. It works on the skin by drawing out toxins. This action reduces the chances of Psoriasis and Acne arising.

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