Chances are you have had some thoughts on making your morning routine more natural, while keeping it simple.

I am here to share my natural morning routine, if it can make a difference to a few people plus make some eco friendly, sustainable options then I will be happy! 

It all starts in the shower – the beautiful 2 minutes of inner thoughts  and steaming hot water …if you have young kids, maybe it’s not so peaceful!

Shampooing hair, this is NOT daily, ditch the plastic bottles of shampoo and grab yourself a natural shampoo bar – we stock ansc original, dry, oily & sensitive bars.
Rub the bar around your head at least 4 times then mix the lather through your hair. You will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of lather.
Leave for a few minutes then rinse out.

Why shampoo bar? 
Ansc shampoo bars are natural with no nasties or fillers and they come in a recycled cardboard box.
They make your hair less knotty & less frizzy. Use as needed. 
Keep bar out of the shower in between uses.

While your hair is covered in shampoo, grab an ansc soap bar, we stock peppermint and pumice ( my fav), salt cleanser ( magnesium ) activated charcoal and black clay. Occasionally we might have other options.
Once your body is wet, rub the soap bar from face to feet. 
Rinse & keep bar out of shower.

Next up, once you are dried. I love the revitalization of hemp face cream, it is handmade in small batches with cacao & vitamin e and is a super soft option to keep moisture in your skin. The healing benefits will have any rashes or cuts healed within days. ( Available soon)

Arms, legs & torso needed miss out! Magnesium cream or spray will be your best bathroom buddy soon. 
Spray and rub in the magnesium to get maximum results and assistance with health from anxiety to restless legs.
Cream isn’t as concentrated as the spray and may be a better option if your skin is dry.

Nearly done! 

No pong deodorant is next – scoop a pea size amount with your finger & rub into your arm pits. If shaven or waxed your pits the sensitive option is recommended.
Both are available in a reusable tin, are free from aluminium and other nasties. 

Don’t forget to brush your teeth! Bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristles keeps my teeth nice and clean. The bristles are soft, just as the dentist recommends. The charcoal bristles will make your teeth whiter.

Finish up with a layer of hemp lip balm on your lips, keeps the moisture in and protects against heating and cooling. 

Hair feeling a bit dry? Somedays it might need a bit more natural loving, which is why we have made a natural hair conditioner spray. 
Shake bottle well, spray evenly onto wet or damp hair avoiding the roots. 
Brush in or scrunch hair with your fingers, if you have naturally curly hair – this will make your curls pop!

These products are stocked at Natural Living Collection – with the exception of the hemp face cream, that is coming soon! 

Natural morning routines can be kept pretty simple, using only a handful of products.