It seems like  was born with congestion… Always suffering sinus infections and sore throats and it got even worse after my son was born – hello hayfever!

When I discovered another way to naturally treat congestion, I was really excited!

I was super sceptical that inhaling pink himalayan salt through what looks like a bong would work, but it does!

This is the one product I am always asked about at markets – what do you do with that? Is the question.

My answer is really simple – put the moutpiece in your mouth and inhale, then exhale through your nose. Do this 3 times a day when suffering from congestion.

The Himalayan Salt Inhaler is made from high quality ceramic. When you inhale through the mouthpiece, the passing moisture absorbs micron particles of this incredible pure, bio energetic and mineral laden Himalayan Pink Salt that penetrates and cleanses the entire respiratory system including sinuses, nasal cavities, throat and lungs.

This salt air bath flushes impurities such as allergy and asthma triggers, smoke particulate and other impurities that can distress the respiratory system.

It’s perfect for treating symptoms of Allergies,shortness of breath, hayfever, cold, flu, bronchitis, sinus conditions and other respiratory symptoms caused by mold, fungus, smoke and pollution in the air.

Eases breathing difficulties, allergies, cold & flu symptoms, shortness of breath & sinus conditions.

No water is  required, As the salt is anti bacterial, the salt will need to replaced every 2 years.

Great eco friendly alternative to sinus and congestion issues!

Store in a dry place between uses. One per person for hygiene reasons.


Breathe normally through the mouthpiece and exhale through the nose.  Might taste salt in your mouth occasionaly. It is a calming experience that isn’t rushed or overwhelming.

Recommended Daily Use: 2 – 3  times per day – or more if needed.

Want to give this a go? We have the Himalayan Salt Inhaler in stock!