I, like a lot of other Mums like to use essential oils for their health and wellness aspect, not just to make the house smell pretty.

How confident are you in using essential oils on your family?

How do you know what can be used with children?

Many essential oils are not child friendly (or pet friendly, but that’s for another day). There isn’t always  detailed advise on the bottle. So we trust where we bought the oils from or do our own research.

What do you really need to research?


Safe dilution is what you really need to know when using essential oils. If the oils you have are not essential oils, don’t use them. Find some essential oils that you are happy with and learn all about them!

Knowing what essential oils you can dilute to use with your kids is your first step in safely using essential oils on your family.

We stock essential oils that have been formulated especially for kids aged 2 – 10 years. The range is Kidsafe by Plant Therapy and includes single oils, synergy blends of oils & rollerballs.

The kidsafe essential oils can be used on younger toddlers and babies, if diluted properly.

Using these aromatherapist designed oils gives great peace of mind to parents, especially when using essential oils to assisit with health and wellbeing.

All of the Kidsafe range essential oils are 100% pure essential oils that have been diluted with carrier oil.

The herbs and plants have been sourced from farms around the world, certain plants will grow naturally and abundantly in certain areas.

Some of the Plant Therapy range has the kidsafe logo on the bottle, these essential oils once diluted are kidsafe.

Here is a handy guide for dilution


Another aspect that I love about these essential oils are the fact that they are not part of any multi level marketing company, making the essential oils affordable for everyone!

You simply buy what oils you need, whether they are a once off purchase or part of a kit.

Here are some of our more popular kidsafe essential oils

Kidsafe Calming The Child Essential Oil

Kidsafe Organic Germ Destroyer Essential Oil

Kidsafe 7 & 7 Essential Oil Set


In some instances you may prefer the rollerballs. I find with older kids these are great as the kids grow up with essential oils being used in their families, they soon know which essentials oils they have been told to use to help them and they can easily roll the essential oils along the tops of their feet, behind their neck or one their wrists.

The oils can be used in vaporisers and Essential Oil Diffuser NLC Glass Swirl, added to a carrier oil and massaged onto body, added to NLC Car Diffuser – Swirls – *Pre Order Due mid October* or mixed with Magnesium Bath Soak and added to their evening bath.

Many options out there, depending on what the essential oils are to be used for.

Next time your child has car sickness, colds / flus, issues settling to sleep, growing pains, knits, warts, or any other typical childhood ailment..pause for a moment and ask you yourself do you feel confident using essential oils to help them?